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5 Ways To Make Money at Home

With Covid looming over our heads and unemployment rates climbing we all need ways to make money from home and make it quickly. I've put together some things I did to make a few quick hundred dollars.

  1. Sell Your Stuff- Start with the big items then work your way down to smaller items. Bookcases, wall paintings, Books, dishes. Chances are you have more than a few items lying around your home that you could spare to make some money. Post the items on Facebook asking your friends first. You can use so many other platforms to sell your stuff including Etsy, FB, and craigslist (apparently people still use this). You can also use a used clothing store to sell your clothes.

  2. Become a freelancer- If you have a skill and we all do, make the most out of it. There are places you can go to that allow you to post your skills online and people will actually pay you. I've used Fiverr to create and customized social media posts. There are other platforms you can use as well, including UpWork and Etsy.

  3. Create a Course- If you have information or a skill that is useful to others, create a video course and upload it to LearnWorks or Udemy. You can teach others to how to in these courses. It's a great way to make residual income as well.

  4. Deliver Goods- more and more people are staying home and having everything delivered from groceries to fast food. Make use of this time and use your car to get paid the same day. I personally tried Instacart and Postmates (now UberEats) in the hour that I did each I made around $30 in total ($15 each). I'm sure if I did it longer I would have made more but $15 an hour isn't terrible for some quick cash.

  5. Be a VA- A VA or Virtual Assistant is super easy and can be done from the comfort of your home. Most VA's work part-time but full-time work is available. I don't prefer this option as this is a typical employer-paid option. I have not done this though I have a few friends that do this on average making over $16 an hour without leaving their homes.

Here are the options I used (along with one I chose not to) in order to make money while I was starting my business. I hope this helps you in making some extra money.

Love, Jaime

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