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3 Simple Requirements for Healthy Relationships

To build and maintain a healthy relationship, there are 3 key requirements. Regardless of whether you have a relationship with your coworker, your business partner, a good friend, or your lover, without these 3 key requirements, you would not maintain a healthy relationship. Keep reading to learn those 3 simple requirements to build and maintain a healthy relationship.

  1. Communicate

Let’s face it all relationships are started with some form of communication. Maybe you send an email to your coworker that starts a friendship, or you bump into someone at your favorite coffee shop, leading to a conversation. Communication is key. Any form of communication is relevant though I believe that voice communication is most important because you can hear a person's tone and vocal cues that give you context. Communication is important in the relationship because this is how we express ourselves to the other party. We communicate our needs, wants, hopes, and even dreams. Thus by doing so, building trust and a connection between you and the other party.

2. Trust

Trusting someone can be difficult for some individuals because they have felt betrayed in previous relationships. It's best to understand that each person is different from the last, and with that, each new person is a new chance to trust. With each new interaction with that person, you can build upon that trust. Think of trust as the grout and communication as bricks. With each interaction, you lay down a new brick; while each brick can stand for a while on its own, it is not until that grout is placed that the bricks can become everlasting. And just like grout, trust can wear away if it’s not properly maintained. Being honest in your communication is required to maintain a level of trust.

3. Boundaries

Setting boundaries is required because it allows each person the time they need to maintain their personal lives. You have to be able to communicate your needed boundaries at the beginning of any new relationship. Additionally, throughout the relationship, as your needs change. If your newly befriended coworker calls you on a Saturday morning for coffee at 5 am, is that ok? If it is, then great. Keep in mind it has to be ok indefinitely or until you communicate that it’s no longer acceptable. If it’s not acceptable, it needs to be addressed right away. Communicate exactly what is acceptable behavior and what you are not okay with. Your tone should remain even and calm so that the coworker understands exactly what you are communicating to them. In a romantic relationship, boundaries are needed to be discussed rather quickly so that you can decide if those boundaries are acceptable and still allow you to be your individual self.

Starting a new relationship with anyone is often difficult. Having and maintaining a healthy relationship takes time, patience, and skill. Communicate honestly and effectively to build upon your trust while setting boundaries to keep a healthy and thriving relationship. Good luck!

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